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AKVA Group AB450 Comfort

Client: Akva Group ASA

Year: 2013

Gross Weight: 410 Tons

The barge was built by the Estonian company Marketex Marine, for Norwegian company AKVA Group ASA, and will be used by the company Nova Sea for feeding fish in Norway. The construction was delivered on a turnkey basis and a Light Ship weight of 410 tons. As the barge is equipped with all necessary equipment and staff rooms for personnel, it is ready for immediate use after the delivery to the customer. It took 10 months to build it, starting from the day of signing the contract and ending with the day of delivery of the barge to the customer.

Marketex Marine is a trusted supplier of fish farming solutions for its key client Akva Group ASA. During the long-term cooperation with this partner around 100 fish farming barges were built for Norwegian market. The demand for this product stays stable and Marketex Marine continues to be a reliable supplier for Scandinavian markets.